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Bluff View Trail


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Access to the trail is available off Old State Road at Bluff View Park, where parking for vehicles and horse trailers is available.  Additional access to the trail is via the Al Foster Memorial Trail.  This access can be found .5 miles from the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead or .3 miles from the Rock Hollow Trail.  


The current trail length is 2.5 miles, but the 11 mile total loop is nearing completion.


The trail is a natural single track trail for hikers, mountain bike enthusiasts and equine users.  The trail is a challenging 2.5 mille trek currently, but the viewscape at its top is worth the effort.  Bluebell wild flowers can be seen in the springtime and wildlife abounds in heavily wooded area along the trail.


Parking access is offered off Old State Road at Bluff View Park, where parking for vehicles and horse trailers is available.  Alternative parking for the Bluff View Trail is available at the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead.  


Restrooms, covered picnic tables and trash cans are available at the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead.  Portable restrooms, picnic tables, trash cans, and equestrian mounts are available at Bluff View Park.


Nearby Facilities

Al Foster Memorial Trailhead

Al Foster Memorial Trailhead is located near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Washington Avenue in the Glencoe Community.  Click here for a location map.  Please note, water is not available.

Glencoe City Park

Glencoe City Park is located .2 miles north of the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead.  This park includes a playground facility, picnic amenities, a vault restroom facility and parking.  Please note, water is not available.

WF&P Miniature Railroad

WF&P Miniature Railroad is located in close proximity to the Al Foster Trail and Trailhead.  This railroad system is a great way to experience and explore the area trail system.

Connection Opportunities

Al Foster Memorial Trail (3 miles in length)

Hamilton Carr Trail (1.5 miles in length)

Rock Hollow Trail (2.3 miles in length)


The Bluff View Trail will eventually be part of a twelve (12) mile natural surface single track trail available to hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians.

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