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Parks & Recreation

  1. Dog Park Incident Form

    Fill out this form to report a dog-related incident, to City Staff, which occurred at the Wildwood Community Park Dog Park. Note:... More…

  2. Parks and Trails - Attention Needed

    Note: The preferred web browsers to complete forms on the City’s website are Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Using the web browser... More…

  3. Wildwood Farms Community Garden Waitlist

    Due to high demand, there are currently no beds available at Wildwood Farms Community Garden. If you would like to be placed on a... More…

  1. Farmers Market Vendor Application

    Anyone interested in being a vendor at the City's Farmers Market should complete this form.

  2. Wildwood Celebration Commission Meeting Comment Form

    Use this form to submit comments regarding agenda items scheduled at the next Wildwood Celebration Commission meeting.