What are subdivision trust indentures?
Trust indentures are written agreements that restrict or limit property used or activities in a subdivision. Indentures also detail the rules and procedures under which the subdivision will operate. These regulations and restrictions appear in the deed records and are private contracts between a property buyer and a property seller. Indentures are legally binding documents, recognized by the State of Missouri.

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1. What are subdivision trust indentures?
2. Who must abide by subdivision trust indentures?
3. How are indentures put into place?
4. Who is responsible for informing new home buyers of the subdivision's trust indentures?
5. Why are use restrictions important for my neighborhood?
6. What information should I expect to find in my subdivision's trust indenture?
7. How long do trust indentures remain in effect?
8. What can I do to help maintain compliance with the indenture in my subdivision?
9. How can our association enforce our indentures and deal with violations?
10. Our subdivision's indenture is old and outdated. Is it possible to amend our indenture to make it more effective?