It's never easy to change, and the switch from Meridian to Waste Connections is no exception...

We've been getting reports that the collection of the fiber totes isn't going according to plan.

The ultimate goal is for every resident to be left with their original rigids bin. The new fibers toter (that everyone got when dual stream was put in place last spring) is the only one that Waste Connections can take back, per its agreement with Meridian Waste Solutions.

While Meridian and Waste Connections (and the City) work to get things back on track, here's what you can do to help.

1. If your reycling day fell on Monday (7/15), Tuesday (7/16) or yesterday (7/17), please be sure to take your fiber tote back from the curb.

2. If your recycling day is today (7/18) or tomorrow (7/19), please put your Fiber toter out and leave it out until the hauler removes it. If it doesn't happen today, please leave it out til tomorrow night. If it doesn't happen after tomorrow night, stay tuned and Waste Connections will let us know how to proceed.

3. If your bin was removed but you only had one and now have none, please call Waste Connections at 636-321-2100.

4. Hang in there with us. We're doing everything we can to get across the finish line on August 1st.

Visit the Waste Connections page on the City's website for more details on this change:

Thank you for your patience, as we make this transition.

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