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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Meeting Agenda

This meeting will be held in-person, along with being offered via Zoom Webinar Platform, and broadcast on the City’s YouTube Channel at: 

Zoom Information and Link: 

Webinar ID: 821 8971 0542     Passcode: 992498

The Board of Adjustment of the City of Wildwood will hold a public hearing on Thursday, February 16, 2023, which will begin at 6:30 p.m., at Wildwood City Hall, in the City Hall Chambers, 16860 Main Street, Wildwood, Missouri 63040, and via the online meeting platform (Zoom).  Written comments are encouraged and can be submitted via the City’s website until Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. (CST).  All comments submitted for these purposes will become part of the record, pertinent to the applicable case number, and be promptly provided to the Board Members for their review.  

The purpose of this hearing is to consider requests for variances to certain Zoning Ordinance regulations or interpretations of their intent made by the Director of Planning relating to the individual properties identified below. Please review the individual notices of publications pertaining to your petition of interest for information relating to it.   To report any inaccuracies in the text or seek further information about these requests, please contact the Department of Planning and Parks at (636) 458-0440, prior to the hearing date. At this public hearing, the following requests will be presented to the Board of Adjustment for consideration and action: 


B.A. 1-23 Chris and Debbie Brown, 16315 Wynncrest Falls Way, Wildwood, Missouri 63005

– request an exception to the Natural Resource Protection Requirements for the purpose of constructing a new fence, having a maximum height of six (6) feet, upon the property located at 16315 Wynncrest Falls Way (Locator Number 21U230455, Wynncrest Subdivision, Plat Five – Lot 144), which would authorize the fence’s construction within the Natural Resource Protection Area, while paralleling the thirty (30) foot rear yard setback line. This request is contrary to the requirements of the Chapter 420.200 Natural Resource Protection Standards and Procedures of the Subdivision and Development Regulations of the City of Wildwood Municipal Code, as applied to the properties located in the R-1A 22,000 square foot Residence District, Chapter 415.120 R-1A 22,000 square foot Residence District Regulations of the City of Wildwood Zoning Ordinance, and Planned Residential Development Overlay (PRD) Ordinance 1177, which was approved by the Wildwood City Council on April 25, 2005. (Ward Two)


B.A. 2-23 John and Chrissy Krewson, 4428 Acacia Road, Wildwood, Missouri 63025, C/O Allen Roehrig, Mainline Group Architecture, 9751 Clayton Road, Ladue, Missouri 63124

– request an exception to the Minimum Yard Requirements (General) for the purpose of constructing a two (2)-story bedroom addition to an existing single-family dwelling, upon the property located at 4428 Acacia Road (Locator Number 28V610765, Acacia Subdivision – Lot B), which would authorize a southeastern side yard setback distance of sixteen (16) feet in lieu of the thirty (30) foot standard. This request is contrary to the requirements of Chapter 415.090 NU Non-Urban Residence District Regulations of the City of Wildwood Zoning Ordinance. (Ward Six)

The City of Wildwood will provide reasonable accommodations for persons attending Board of Adjustment meetings.  Requests for reasonable accommodations should be made directly to Megan Eldridge, City Clerk, at 636-458-0440, or email at, at least 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

If you would like to submit a comment regarding an item on this meeting agenda, please visit the Form Center.