Hosted at Wildwood City Hall, 16860 Main Street 63040


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Thursday, January 13, 2022 – 6:30 p.m.

This Meeting Will be “Livestreamed” by the City of Wildwood


Welcome and Roll Call by Secretary Ritter


An EXECUTIVE (CLOSED) SESSION is being called PURSUANT to RSMO 610.021 (1) 1994/Legal actions, causes of action or litigation involving a public governmental body and any confidential or privileged communications between a public governmental body or its representatives and its attorneys. All parties are herein advised of such and notice hereby given.


Action on the December 9, 2021 Draft Meeting Minutes


Review Agenda Items to be Discussed at Tonight’s Meeting by Secretary Ritter


Public Comment - Special Procedures Will Be In Place To Address This Virtual Meeting and Participation in Such


Old Business – Two (2) Items


Ready for Action – Two (2) Items


Second review of the Architectural Drawings and related materials for eight (8) proposed awnings over exterior doors to a building located within the City’s Town Center, upon the property located at 17014 New College Avenue (St. Louis County Locator Number 24V420313 – Westridge Office Center II, Lot 3), on land that is 1.14 acres total in size, which is zoned C-8 Planned Commercial District, and occupied by office uses. (Ward Eight)


Selection of Officers for the Architectural Review Board (ARB)


New Business – One (1) Item


Ready for Action – One (1) Item


Initial review of rendering and related materials for the replacement of an existing monument sign located at Babler Elementary School, with the applicant requesting an exception to the Minimum Yard Requirements (General) and the Supplementary Regulations from the Board of Adjustment, and an exception to the Outdoor Lighting Requirements from the Architectural Review Board (subject property is located at 1955 Shepard Road, St. Louis County Locator Number 22V140338). (Ward Five)


Board of Adjustment: The applicant is requesting an exception to the Minimum Yard Requirements (General) and the Supplementary Regulations from the Board of Adjustment. The setback area of the subject lot would be adjusted to allow the monument sign to encroach into the required fifty (50) feet. Chapter 415.400, Section F, Sign Regulations – General requires that signs seeking review and action from the Board of Adjustment must first be submitted to the Architectural Review Board for comments, suggestions, or recommendations in this regard.


Architectural Review Board: Additionally, the applicant is requesting black lettering against a white background, which is contrary to the City’s Outdoor Lighting Requirements, stipulating a black background with light colored lettering. Per Section 415.450, General Requirements, Subsection 4 (F), the Architectural Review Board carries the authority to act upon this request.


Other Items – None for Consideration


Next Meeting Date – February 10, 2022 (Thursday), if needed


Closing Remarks and Adjournment

Note:  The Architectural Review Board will consider and act upon these matters listed above and any such others as may be presented at the meeting and determined appropriate for discussion at that time.

The City of Wildwood will provide reasonable accommodations for persons attending Architectural Review Board meetings.  Requests for reasonable accommodations should be made by contacting Megan Eldridge, City Clerk at 636-458-0440 or email at at least 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

If you would like to submit a comment regarding an item on this meeting agenda, please visit the Form Center.