Parks & Recreation Action Plan

In November 2007, the City Council adopted a Parks and Recreation Action Plan that had been drafted by a group of residents known as the Citizens Committee for Park Progress. This committee had been appointed by the City Council and given the task of outlining a specific plan for parks and recreation improvements over the next 10 years for the city.

The committee met for over a year to complete recommendations on acquisition of land, facilities, programming, and funding. They held a significant number of public meetings, and even conducted a random sampling of 3,000 Wildwood households for resident feedback.

In 2017, the City Council appointed the Parks Action Plan Update Committee to review this document since it was now ten (10) years old.  The Committee began its work by conducting a survey, which was published in the City’s Gazette newsletter and mailed to all 13,000+ households in Wildwood.  The results of the survey along with a year of meetings, public comments, and document review has concluded with a new and updated Parks and Recreation Action Plan! 

This Plan was approved by the Parks Action Plan Update Committee, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and finally by the City Council via Resolution #2019-22