Woods Road Bridge Replacement

Woods Road Project Updates:

August 3, 2017:

The Woods Road Bridge was opened today. The contractor will still be in the area doing some clean up work and they will be painting the barrier walls over the next few weeks, so please use caution when traveling through the work zone.

July 11, 2017:

The contractor has completed much of the bridge and roadway work. They plan to complete the remaining sidewalk installation, guardrail installation, restoration, and pavement striping work as weather allows in July and early August to have Woods Road open again on or before August 15. Please use caution when traveling through the work zone.

June 1, 2017:

The contractor has installed the pile, poured the bridge substructure, placed the concrete girders, and begun forming of the deck. They plan to pour the deck in mid-June and begin working on the concrete barrier walls and approach pavements in June as weather allows. Please use caution when traveling through the work zone.

May 18, 2017:

The contractor has begun work on the substructure of the new bridge. They plan to install the beams in early June and begin working on the superstructure. Please use caution when traveling through the work zone.

May 1, 2017:

 The closure of Woods Road is being rescheduled to May 8, 2017
due to the flooding along the Meramec River and the expected closures along Route 109 and Interstate 44. The Glencoe Road Bridge in Rockwoods Reservation was opened on Sunday, April 30, 2017.

April 7, 2017:

The contractor is scheduled to start work on April 24, 2017, weather permitting. They will begin clearing and preparing for the closing of Woods Road at the bridge location. Woods Road will be CLOSED from May 1 until August 15 for the construction of the bridge. A detour route will be signed along Route 109, Manchester Road, Route 100, and Melrose Road to access residences along Melrose Road. The north entrance to Rockwoods Reservation at Glencoe Road and Manchester Road will remain open during the construction for visitors to access Rockwoods Reservation.

Project Overview:

This project will replace the deficient bridge on Woods Road located between Route 109 and the entrance to Rockwoods Reservation. A new bridge will be constructed in the same location as the existing bridge with a walkway along the north side with a concrete barrier wall to separate pedestrians from vehicles. The project is scheduled to be completed during the summer of 2017.

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