Contact City Hall

Listed below are email addresses and telephone numbers for the Mayor and City Council members. If you need to contact a member of City Staff, please use the Staff Directory to find the appropriate person. If you are unsure what Ward you live in, you can either view the City Ward Map (PDF), or use our Interactive Mapping system and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your address under the ’Property Search’ button.
  2. Once the system has found your address, click the ’Map’ link at the top, in the orange-colored bar.
  3. Turn on the ’City Council Wards’ layer in the Layer List on the left side of the screen.
  4. If it’s unclear which Ward is activated, just zoom out using the ’-’ button on the left side of the map until the Ward numbers (which are small) and colors become visible.
Mayor & Council Member Contact Information
NameTitleEmail AddressTelephone Number
Jim BowlinMayorEmail Jim Bowlin636-458-0440 x3000
Larry Brost
City Council - Ward OneEmail Larry Brost
636-458-0440 x3002
Teresa Clark
City Council - Ward OneEmail Teresa Clark636-458-0440 x3001
Don BartoniCity Council - Ward TwoEmail Don Bartoni636-458-0440 x3004
Lauren EdensCity Council - Ward TwoEmail Lauren Edens636-458-0440 x3003
Tracey Nyhan
City Council - Ward ThreeEmail Tracey Nyhan636-458-0440 x3006
Scott OttenbergCity Council - Ward ThreeEmail Scott Ottenberg636-458-0440 x3005
Joe FarmerCity Council - Ward FourEmail Joe Farmer636-458-0440 x3008
Katie DodwellCity Council - Ward FourEmail Katie Dodwell636-458-0440 x3007
Ed MarshallCity Council - Ward FiveEmail Ed Marshall636-458-0440 x3010
Debra Smith McCutchenCity Council - Ward FiveEmail Debra Smith McCutchen636-458-0440 x3009
Rob JakcsyCity Council - Ward SixEmail Rob Jakcsy636-458-0440 x3012
Rob Rambaud
City Council - Ward SixEmail Rob Rambaud636-458-0440 x3011
Dan Flaschar
City Council - Ward SevenEmail Dan Flaschar636-458-0440 x3014
Nathan HopperCity Council - Ward SevenEmail Nathan Hopper636-458-0440 x3013
Joe GarritanoCity Council - Ward EightEmail Joe Garritano636-458-0440 x3015
Mike Gillani
City Council - Ward EightEmail Michael Gillani636-458-0440 x3016