P.Z. 10-15 St. Charles Tower

The following is information regarding this specific land use request:

Request Details
Project NameP.Z. 10-15 St. Charles Tower
Applicant/PetitionerSt. Charles Tower
Project TypeConditional Use Permit - Telecommunications Tower
Proposed Use120 Foot Telecommunications Tower (Approved at 110 foot) 
LocationEast side of State Route BA, north of Smith School Road
Address(es)1400 Babler Park Drive
Locator Number(s)21W310270
Link to MapInteractive Map of Subject Site
StatusPetitioner did not meet certain deadlines for the submittal of the required Site Development Plan (SDP) and the commencement of construction. The Planning and Zoning Commission is in the process of formally revoking the Conditional Use Permit (CUP). See: P.Z. 5-19 City of Wildwood - Terminating CUP for P.Z. 10-15 St. Charles Tower 
Meeting History
7-20-2015Planning & Zoning CommissionPublic Hearing (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
8-17-2015Planning & Zoning CommissionInformation Report (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
9-8-2015Planning & Zoning CommissionLetter of Recommendation (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
12-21-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionAddendum to the Letter of Recommendation (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
1-11-2016City CouncilReceive & File (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
1-26-2016City Council did not exercise its power of review, so the request was approved fifteen (15) days after the receive and file
2-6-2017Planning and Zoning CommissionCorrespondence Item (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
2-13-17City CouncilReceive & File (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
10-2-2017Planning & Zoning CommissionCorrespondence Item (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
10-9-2017City CouncilReceive & File (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
9-4-2018Planning & Zoning CommissionCorrespondence Item (PDF)
Approved Minutes (PDF)
10-1-2018Planning & Zoning CommissionCorrespondence Item (PDF)
Approved Minutes (PDF)
4-1-2019Planning & Zoning CommissionCorrespondence Item (PDF)
Approved Minutes

Proposed PlansPages of 103 - 112 of Approved Recommendation (PDF)
Adopted Ordinance/PermitApproved Recommendation (PDF)
Approved PlansPending Submittal by Petitioner
WardThree (3)
Council MembersKevin Dillard
Kenneth Remy
City ContactEmail Travis Newberry 636-458-0440 x124
Date Last UpdatedMay 7, 2019