P.Z. 5 and 5a-16 Stonecrest at Wildwood

The following is information regarding this specific land use request:

Request Details
Project NameP.Z. 5 and 5a-16 Stonecrest at Wildwood
Applicant/PetitionerNorthpoint Development, L.L.C.
Project TypeMulti-Family Residential (Assisted Living & Memory Care)
Proposed UseNinety-five (95) Unit Senior Living Facility with Assisted Living and Memory Care
LocationSouth side of State Route 100, north of Plaza Drive, and west of Fountain Place
Address(es)251 & 261 Plaza Drive
Locator Number(s)23V220242 & 23V220233
Link to MapInteractive Map of Subject Area
StatusApproved and Under Construction
Meeting History
5-2-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionPublic Hearing (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
6-6-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionInformation ReportApproved Minutes (PDF)
6-20-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionLetter of Recommendation (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
6-27-2016City CouncilPublic Hearing (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
7-11-2016City CouncilFirst Reading of Bill #2200 (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
7-25-2016City CouncilSecond Reading of Bill #2200 (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
7-21-2016Board of AdjustmentVariance Request (PDF)Granted
12-5-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionSite Development Plan (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
12-12-2016City CouncilReceive & File (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
1-19-2017Board of AdjustmentVariance Request (postponed by petitioner) (PDF)Postponed
2-16-2017Board of AdjustmentVariance Request (PDF)Granted
3-20-2017Planning & Zoning CommissionCorrespondence Item (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
4-3-2017Planning & Zoning CommissionCorrespondence Item (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
5-1-2017Planning & Zoning CommissionSite Development Section Plan (Public Art) (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
5-8-2017City CouncilWork Session Item (PDF)Approved Minutes (PDF)
12-4-2017Planning and Zoning CommissionCorrespondence Item (PDF)

Adopted Ordinance/PermitOrdinance #2200 (PDF)
Approved PlansApproved Site Development Plan (PDF)
WardEight (8)
Council MembersNiles Stephens
Joe Garritano
City ContactEmail Travis Newberry 636-458-0440 x124
Date Last UpdatedFebruary 14, 2018