P.Z. 6-16 Auburn Ridge

The following is information regarding this specific land use request:

Request Details
Project NameP.Z. 6-16 Auburn Ridge
Applicant/PetitionerFischer and Frichtel
Project TypeResidential
Proposed UseOriginal request was for a total of twenty-seven (27) single family dwellings on individual lots. Final revision was for twenty-one (21) lots.
LocationSouthwest side of Ridge Road, south of Lack Ridge Road
Address(es)1115 Ridge Road & 1513 Windwood Hills Drive
Locator Number(s)25U330010 & 25U310023
Link to MapInteractive Map of Subject Area
Meeting History
8-1-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionPublic HearingApproved Minutes
9-6-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionPostponement Request by PetitionerApproved Minutes
9-19-2016Planning &Zoning CommissionInformation ReportApproved Minutes
10-3-2016Planning & Zoning CommissionAmended Information ReportApproved Minutes
10-17-2016Planning and Zoning CommissionPostponement Request by PetitionerApproved Minutes
11-7-2016Planning and Zoning CommissionAmended Information ReportApproved Minutes
11-21-2016Planning and Zoning CommissionLetter of RecommendationApproved Minutes
11-28-2016City CouncilPublic Hearing (Protest petition presented to City Council)Approved Minutes
12-20-2016Planning & Parks CommitteeCommittee's Letter of Recommendation Regarding the Protest PetitionApproved Minutes
1-9-2017City CouncilPublic Hearing
Background Information & Planning & Park Committee Recommendation Report
Approved Minutes
1-23-2017City CouncilReconsideration of the ProposalApproved Minutes
2-27-2017City CouncilUpdate on Meeting with Neighbors and Reconsideration of the Proposal & Letter from Petitioner
Approved Minutes

Proposed Plans
WardSix (6)
Council MembersCheryl Jordan
City ContactEmail Travis Newberry 636-458-0440 x124
Date Last UpdatedFebruary 14, 2018