Temporary Banners

Chapter 415.440 Temporary Signs - Section E. (5.) > In the NU Non-Urban Residence District and all Commercial Districts, temporary banners for special events may be authorized by a permit granted by the Director of Planning. The use of temporary banners shall meet the following criteria:

a.) The location of the banner shall be limited to the property where the institutional use, business, or similar entity is situated and subject to location approval by the Director of Planning. However no temporary banner shall be placed within public rights-of-way areas or other publicly held lands;

b.) The property has direct frontage on a City-defined arterial roadway;

c.) The number of banners that may be displayed on the property shall be limited to no more than one (1) representation in total;

d.) The maximum period of display during which the same institutional use, business, or similar entity may maintain a banner on its subject property shall be based upon a period of time not to exceed thirty (30) days when displayed, within any given calendar year;

e.) The allowance for up to thirty (30) days for a business or other allowable use to display a temporary banner shall be further governed as follows: no temporary banner can be in place for more than five (5) consecutive days over the allowable thirty (30) day period of time on the same property; no temporary banners can be displayed at the same property more than six (6) instances per calendar year; an interval of no less than seven (7) days must be provided between the placements of authorized temporary banners on the same property; and no temporary banner shall be allowed to deteriorate, separate from its supports, or otherwise be determined to be a public safety hazard or nuisance;

f.) No banner shall exceed thirty (30) square feet in overall size, nor a total of six (6) feet in height; and

g.) The banner’s placement shall be approved by the Department of Planning on a plot plan, aerial photograph, or other documentation, which is acceptable to it for this purpose, and be submitted in conjunction with the required Zoning Authorization Form of the City, on which the applicant shall provide specific timeframes relating to its installation and date of removal. Failure of the applicant to obtain the required authorizations, adherence to stipulated timelines, and/or maintenance of said temporary banners does constitute cause for their immediate removal and the issuance of a summons, without the benefit of any warning period of time to be provided.

Complete the application for temporary banners.