Bicycle Advisory Committee

The City of Wildwood Bicycle Advisory Committee was established in 2014 to help make the City of Wildwood a Bicycle Friendly Community. The Bicycle Advisory Committee also serves as the City’s Board of Public Safety, which meets monthly.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The Bicycle Advisory Committee's goal is to make Wildwood a bicycle-friendly community where cyclists, pedestrians and motorists thrive. The Committee will advise the Council on matters related to cycling in our city, including but not limited to:

  1. Promoting bicycling as a safe form of recreation and transportation
  2. Providing a cycling perspective to the city decision-making processes to ensure proper sensitivity to bicycle and pedestrian issues in the design and implementation of relevant public works projects
  3. Educating all citizens on the benefits of safe cycling, the city's cycling-related resources, and pedestrian / motorist / cyclist etiquette and regulations
  4. Suggesting safe and convenient bicycle routes throughout the city, including appropriate connections to neighboring cities
  5. Facilitating the continued development and maintenance of cycling facilities and resources throughout the city.

Resources & Other Links