By Citizens, for Citizens

Area residents who wished to provide a blueprint for their own destiny, set by those who were most affected by local government decisions, created the City of Wildwood. This desire led to a five year incorporation effort created, led, and funded by residents only, with challenges throughout its existence.

The Missouri Supreme Court allowed the creators of this community to place the question of creating a new city before the residents of the unincorporated portion of St. Louis County, which was overwhelmingly approved by the voters. On September 1, 1995, Wildwood incorporated and the community began its journey to destiny.

Today, Wildwood continues that journey with one overarching goal: planning tomorrow today. The city created a planning process for all aspects of its government to ensure that its assets would be retained, so that future growth, development, and improvements would be preserved with the unique character of the community.

Mission Statement

The City of Wildwood is dedicated to government of, by and for the people whose active civic involvement and commitment to community life is the cornerstone of the city. Local representation shall be responsive, accountable and fiscally responsible in pursuit of the public interest while adhering to the highest ethical standards in all its dealings.

Vision Statement

 Wildwood is about the bonds that link neighbors and neighborhoods into a cohesive community of caring, involved and dedicated citizens. Wildwood is also about a quality of life based upon careful stewardship of the magnificent natural environment, and ensuring that this legacy is passed on to future generations as a result of planned, responsible, sustainable growth through citizen and business partnerships that respect the natural qualities of the land.