Grading / Excavation Permits

A Grading Permit is required for any fill, excavation, or land disturbance on private property within the City of Wildwood. Grading Permits are generally issued for land development, clearing on individual lots, or work affecting sensitive areas such as creeks, ravines, floodplains, and other natural resources.


The cost associated with this permit is $60 ($20 permit fee and $40 inspection fee), plus an escrow deposit (escrow deposit is $2,000.00 per disturbed acre or as determined by the director of Public Works).

Application & Requirements

Applications for City of Wildwood Grading Permits should be made online, through the following link. Grading Permit Application

Grading Permit applications can also be picked up at City Hall, and can be submitted by hard copy.  Please be aware of the Grading Permit Requirements for Subdivision Development (PDF). A Department of Natural Resources Land Disturbance Permit will be required for sites with land disturbance of one acre or greater.