Area residents who wished to provide a blueprint for their own destiny, set by those who were most affected by local government decisions, created the City of Wildwood. This desire led to a five year incorporation effort created, led, and funded by residents only, with challenges throughout its existence.

The Missouri Supreme Court allowed the creators of this community to place the question of creating a new city before the residents of the unincorporated portion of St. Louis county, which was overwhelmingly approved by the voters. On September 1, 1995, Wildwood incorporated and the community began its journey to destiny.

Present Day Wildwood

Today, Wildwood continues that journey with one overarching goal of planning tomorrow today. The city created a planning process for all aspects of its government to ensure that its assets would be retained, so that future growth, development, and improvements would be preserved with the unique character of the community. These characteristics include:
  • Abundant open space
  • An estate lifestyle accentuated by excellent schools and comprehensive fire and emergency medical services
  • A unique topography
  • Native woodland
  • Rural roadways
Since the first day of the city's existence, residents have utilized the best professionals in the fields of planning and design to reach this goal.

Wildwood's Past

The area that is now Wildwood has a long and interesting history. For information on the area throughout the centuries, the City's historic preservation efforts, and the local historic communities located here, please visit the Historic Preservation Commission page.


The community continues its tradition of planning tomorrow today as it programs new services to meet the needs of its growing population. These services include:
  • An on-going commitment to planning a community which provides a range of services, housing, and opportunities for all segments of its society
  • A proactive public works policy for the maintenance, repair, and construction of capital improvements for its residents
  • The implementation of an interactive public engagement process to keep people involved in their governance
Wildwood's commitment to its residents remains unchanged, as does its philosophy of service and planning tomorrow today.
City of Wildwood Plan of Intent