Wildwood, Missouri is a city of 68 square miles featuring beautiful panoramic views and scenery. Nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, Wildwood sits at the western doorstep of metropolitan St. Louis, blending a touch of city and country living unmatched in the St. Louis region. Wildwood is steeped in educational excellence, character, and natural beauty.

Our community offers a diverse mix of residential and business settings, as well as being home to highly rated and recognized schools.

We proudly preserve our rich history while we build Wildwood's future through vision and planning.


The City of Wildwood:

  • Was incorporated on September 1, 1995
  • Has 35,417 residents (U.S. Census, 2020)
  • Has approximately 12,655 households in the City of Wildwood (an average of three people per household)
  • Is one of the more rural communities in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area (531 residents per square mile versus 1,896 residents per square mile for St. Louis county)
  • Has over 13,000 parcels of ground within its boundaries
  • Is concentrated east of State Route 109 in a number of large, traditional residential subdivisions

The city has a number of other jurisdictions and contracted entities that provide services to its residents, including:


The City of Wildwood does not itself impose any real estate tax. Other jurisdictions, such as school districts and fire protection districts assess taxes against real property in the city to fund their services to residents. Taxing rates may vary and information on these levels of taxation can be obtained from the St. Louis County Department of Revenue.

Geographic Highlights

The City of Wildwood:

  • Is the third largest city in the State of Missouri in terms of its geographic size, with only Kansas City and Springfield larger in area
  • Is bordered by portions of both the Meramec and Missouri Rivers
  • Is 68 square miles in size, which includes 11 square miles of publicly-held open space owned by the State of Missouri and St. Louis County. These publicly-held lands include:
    • Babler State Park
    • Rockwoods Reservation and Range
    • Greensfelder County Park
  • Contains nine different watersheds, which drain to the Missouri and Meramec Rivers.
    These include:
    • August Tavern Creek
    • Bonhomme Creek
    • Caulks Creek
    • Flat Creek
    • Forby Creek
    • Fox Creek
    • Hamilton-Carr Creek
    • Kiefer Creek
    • Wild Horse Creek

Major defining roadways within the community are:

  • State Route 100
  • State Route 109
  • Old State Road
  • Wild Horse Creek Road
  • Old Manchester Road

The city has over 140 miles of streets.

Population Projections

To calculate future population projections, the Department of Planning has considered a number of factors, including the amount of available land, the city's land use policies, and the number of new lots approved each year, to determine a conservative growth rate estimate of 1.6%. Eventually, growth rates in the city may slow further, if land use policies remain unchanged.

Currently, the population projections are:

Projected Population
Projected Population
(With Anticipated Growth)

Population projections calculated as part of the City's Master Plan Update Process in 2016.

To access various demographic data regarding the City of Wildwood from the U.S. Census Bureau please visit the Census Bureau Website.