Biking & Walking Benefits Program


About the Biking & Walking Benefits Program

Wildwood has a robust network of sidewalks and separated paved trails, making it easy and fun for residents to travel under their own power to its businesses. Therefore, the City of Wildwood supports Biking and Walking Benefits, a year-round national program in more than 100 communities across the U.S. that promotes active mobility through discounts/rewards to arriving bikers and walkers. Biking and Walking Benefits promotes economic development and healthy, vibrant communities where residents and visitors can safety enjoy the outdoors while supporting local businesses. Currently, 14 Wildwood businesses participate in the program.

How It Works

The program is simple – when a consumer visits a participating business by bike or foot, they receive a discount or reward.

  1. Participating businesses sell stickers for $5 to customers, which are put on cycling helmets or a card provided by the City of Wildwood.
  2. Consumers who ride/walk to a participating business show their sticker to receive discounts/rewards in Wildwood, the St. Louis Region & across the country.
  3. Participating businesses are provided with free “starter kits” (stickers for windows/doors, how to information, etc.) to support their participation and are entered into database and map showing their location and discount/incentive.

How To Participate

For more information, please contact Thomas Lee, City Administrator, at