Hometown Hero Banner Program - Holiday Special!

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Hometown Hero Banners are a great way to give living tribute and honor to those who have served or continue to serve in the United States Armed Forces! The Program honors past and present members by featuring local heroes on banners that will be displayed along Manchester Road, twice per year in celebration of Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Following the final display, banners will be given to the hero's family or stored by the City for renewal the following year.

Front Side of Banner

Hero Banner Image - Final

Reverse Side of Banner

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The Banner

Banners are 24"x44", high quality vinyl, double-sided, and UV protected.

The Location

Banners will be displayed on street light posts along Manchester Road between Taylor Road and Eatherton Road.

The Event

Banners will be displayed thirty (30) days for Memorial Day and thirty (30) days for Veterans Day.

Photo Requirements

For new orders, please provide one 8"x10" photograph or a high resolution digital image. 

Special Recognitions Available:

 Purple Heart   -   Silver Star   -   Gold Star

Sponsorship Fees

         New Hero Banner                              $150.00      $125.00  Holiday Special!
         Renew a Hero Banner                       $60.00

Greeting Cards Available

Include a card to let your loved one know when and where their banner will be displayed.

Card A 

Hometown Hero Card B - Front

Hometown Hero Card B - Inside

                    Front of Card                                                                                    Inside of Card

Card B 

Hometown Hero Card A - FrontHometown Hero Card A - Inside

                    Front of Card                                                                                    Inside of Card

HH HolidayHH Holiday Inside

                   Front of Card                                                                                    Inside of Card

Business Sponsorship Opportunities


Show your support for our local heroes!

These complimentary banners will be displayed alongside Wildwood's Hero Banners during either or both holidays. A special rate is available for those businesses that choose to participate in both holidays!

All proceeds will be utilized to fund this and other City sponsored veterans programs.  

Space is limited, so order yours now!

Sponsorship Fees                  Holiday Special!

        Veterans Day             $500.00   $300.00
        Memorial Day            $500.00   $300.00

        Both Holidays            $800.00   $500.00

Veterans Program Sponsorship

You don't need to purchase a banner or be associated with a business to show your support! You are welcome to contribute to this and other Wildwood sponsored veterans events and programs. Contributions can be made using the online application, download the application form, or come visit us at City Hall! 

Please feel free to contact the Department of Planning and Parks if you have any questions:

Phone:     636.458.0440

Email:       parks@cityofwildwood.com

Space is limited and all orders must be received by February 15th!

Place order online or mail/deliver form, photo, and check to:

Department of Planning and Parks
City of Wildwood
16860 Main Street
Wildwood, MO 63040