Street Trees

Welcome to the Urban Forest of Wildwood 

The Department of Public Works is charged with the management of street trees.    Street  trees are present between the side walk and the street, and/ or within the City's right of way, on public streets only.  Wildwood's urban forestry program involves the planting of new and replacement trees, the maintenance of existing trees, and the removal of dead, hazardous, or storm damaged trees.

Wildwood is committed to the preservation, proper maintenance, and continued improvement of an estimated 6,000 street trees.  With assistance from a Missouri Department of Conservation TRIM Grant, over 7,700 trees were inventoried by Davey Tree Resource during  2022.  Almost 90% were in fair to good condition, calculating to an estimated yearly eco-benefit of $228,220.83.  Wildwood will use the information to establish timetables for pruning, planting, removal, and the budgeting associated. 

View the Wildwood Tree Inventory in Treekeeper

City street trees provide many benefits to the community.  Trees provide shade and heat relief that not only cool street areas, but lower the average electricity bills of surrounding households.  Tree lined streets can lower the average driving speed, making roadways safer for pedestrians and drivers.  Street trees add to the City's environmental health by improving air quality, reducing storm water runoff and erosion, slowing wind speed, muffling street noise, and catching air particulates.   Trees provide an aesthetic that can increase home value, and beautify neighborhoods.  

Urban street trees are subject to all of the elements of urban life, extremes of climate, poor soil, and limited growing spaces.  Proactive management is necessary for urban trees to thrive. Residents can help by using the resources and links provided.  

ACTIONS                 Report a Street Tree Problem

                                   Request for Stump Removal

                                 Request a Street Tree

TREECARE             Caring for your new tree

                                  Trees are good

RESOURCES          Ash Trees and Emerald Ash Borer

                                   Grand Tree Preservation Code