Town Center Public Input

In December 2018, the Town Center Update Team, a group of Wildwood residents appointed to review and provide recommendations for modifications to the City's Town Center Plan, began meeting. Over the past two (2) years, this group has evaluated every aspect of the Plan and has drafted twenty-six (26) recommendations to forward to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for their review and action. This group is seeking the public's input on these proposed changes. 

With ongoing concerns relative to public safety during the pandemic, this public input process will be conducted in an online format. The online input session will be open from Monday, November 9th through Monday, November 30th

How To Participate

First, review the introductory video, then complete the online survey below.

Step 1 - Review Video:

The background material is provided in a video provided below, that is less than five (5) minutes long. The survey is estimated to take seven (7) minutes. 

  • Introductory Video  

Step 2 - Take the Online Survey:

Now that you’ve learned about this unique area in Wildwood, its governing Plan, and the proposed modifications, take the online survey to provide your input:


If you have any questions on this material, or the process, please email Kathy Arnett or call 636-458-0440 x135.