Program Budget Committee

The Program Budget Committee has completed its work and is no longer an active Committee.

This ad hoc committee was recommended by the Mayor and created by the City Council on September 28, 2020. The memorandum creating the committee stated:

One of our most important duties is the oversight of spending our residents’ taxpayer dollars. To date, our many programs such as concerts, celebrations, parks, etc. are provided at no charge to both residents and non-residents, and with limited or no supporting external income. It is also the case that we frequently consider the launch of new programs and few, if any, of our programs are sunsetted.

In addition, we have recently experienced reductions in our revenue for several reasons, primarily because of pool tax computation changes and reduced sales tax revenue resulting from COVID-19.

We should consider whether some or all of our programs should become fully or partially budget neutral (i.e. with income from the program covering its expense). This could be achieved through obtaining supporting income in the form of ticket sales, use or admission charges (particularly for non-residents), sponsorships, etc.

Given that this issue permeates multiple programs across several departments of the City, the Committee will be composed of the Chairs of our three standing Council Committees, who will consider these matters and make recommendations to the Council.

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