Subdivision Process

The Department of Planning has completed a document which outlines its review process and includes a checklist for the submission of subdivision review. Types of subdivision plats include:

  • Boundary Adjustment Plats [amending 2 or more parcels of ground or consolidating lots together]
  • Minor Subdivisions (four lots or less): typically record plat only, unless certain site-specific characteristics require additional information, such as topography or stormwater issues.
  • Major Subdivisions (five lots or more): these subdivisions require preliminary plat, improvement plans, and record plat.

Submission Reviews

The Department of Planning reviews submissions in the order in which they are received, with a timeframe of, but not limited to, 60 to 90 days for boundary adjustment / consolidation plats, and 90 - 120 days for minor subdivisions.

Major subdivisions are subject to compliance with all code regulations and typically require more extensive engineering; therefore, the timeframe for review and approval varies dependent upon the proposed number of lots and extent of improvements. Any proposed plat subject to common infrastructure improvements will require submission of a deposit agreement and associated letters of credit prior to scheduling for City Council review and action at the time of record plat approval.

To submit online, please click this link to the Form Center: Subdivision Filing Application

You may also submit by mail with this printed and signed Subdivision Filing Petition (PDF) form, along with three copies of the proposed plat, prepared by a licensed surveyor, and all items listed in Section III of the petition, applicable to the type of subdivision. Incomplete submissions may be returned to the petitioner without processing.

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