June 4, 2019 Special Election - Ward One

At the April 2, 2019 Municipal Election, the two (2) candidates running for the office of Council Member in Ward One received the same number of votes...

Ward One

Larry Brost28649.74
David Hudson28649.74

State law dictates that the tie shall be resolved in one of the following ways: 

  1. The City calls a runoff election to determine a successful candidate; or 
  2. The candidates may agree to a drawing to determine the successful candidate.

The candidates have selected Option 1., to have the tie broken via a special election, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4, 2019. All Ward 1 voters will vote at Wildwood Middle School for this special election. 

To determine if you are a Ward One resident and eligible to vote in this special election, as well as to find out your polling place and see a sample ballot, please use the link below:

Additional information on the special election from the St. Louis County Board of Elections, can be found here: St. Louis County Board of Elections.