GIS & Mapping

The City of Wildwood has GIS (geographic information system) capabilities, featuring ArcGIS 10.6 software with spatial analysis tools and aerial photography. Aerial data is provided via the City's partnership with the St. Louis County Imagery Consortium and updated annually. Parcel data, hydrology (streams and floodplain), and street center lines are updated routinely throughout the year by St. Louis County, then downloaded by the City as updates become available.


Maps are produced by overlaying data. Some maps display general information, such as a street map, current zoning, long-term planning (master plan land use categories), or City Council Ward Districts maps. More complex maps are created by selecting a particular attribute within a layer to display a defined value, such as three acre parcels in the City of Wildwood, or a choropleth map showing acreages by range. Most maps are revised on a monthly basis to provide the most recent information possible.

Interactive Maps

Additionally, the city has an online interactive mapping system available. You can use this user-friendly component to research information on your own, prepare a print-out of certain layers of interest, or even search for a specific property.

Online Ward Map

The City has created an interactive online web map showing Ward ID boundaries and Council Member representatives for the City of Wildwood.  Click here to view  Online Ward Mapthat new interactive tool.