The City of Wildwood is proud to be home to some of the most incredible multiple use trails in the area. Between the Al Foster Memorial Trail, the Wildwood Greenway, the Hamilton-Carr Greenway, a section of the Monarch Levee Trail, and the newest Bluff View Trail System, there are over thirty-five (35) miles of trails! Eighteen (18) of the thirty-five (35) miles are paved asphalt.

Outdoor enthusiasts, bicyclists, runners and hikers can travel almost forty (40) miles using the City’s asphalt trails and appropriate connector roads. Add to that, the single track trails in the City of Wildwood and the opportunities for adventure are limitless. Please note, this doesn’t include the many beautiful trails in Babler State Park, Rockwoods Reservation, and Greensfelder Park! Trail routes are still in the planning stages, making the future very exciting for Wildwood residents and visitors!

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