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Action Plan Update Survey

  1. The City of Wildwood has completed a number of significant park and trail projects since 2007. The year 2007 is important, and mentioned, given that it was the time frame when the Action Plan for Parks and Recreation was adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission and endorsed by the City Council as well.

    This plan was an integral part of the successes the City has experienced with its recent park and trail projects. After ten (10) years, the plan is now at a point of its application that an update is needed, which was started by the City Council Committee on Planning and Parks at the end of 2016, when its members made a number of preparatory decisions on the general framework for this upcoming process.

    The initial steps in this update process are intended to provide a group of citizen volunteers the information they will need to understand the conditions relating to parks and recreation ten (10) years ago, when the initial Action Plan was adopted, today’s conditions and needs, and ten (10) years from now what to expect in terms of changes. A major component of this information the City hopes to provide to the volunteers is responses to this survey, which Wildwood officials are asking you to complete for inclusion in this important effort that will have a lasting effect over the next ten (10) years of time. This survey reflects a mix of questions regarding your preferences, your concerns, and your thoughts for the future regarding new facilities, improvements to existing parks and trails, along with your anticipated desires or needs for the next decade. It is the City’s hope you will take just a few minutes and complete the survey below, that was provided as part of the Gazette.

  2. Note: Provided below are park and trail facilities located in the City of Wildwood to assist you in answering some of the questions:

    Parks – Al Foster Memorial Trailhead (City), Anniversary Park (City), Babler State Park, Bluff View Park (City), Community Park (City), Glencoe City Park (City), Greensfelder County Park (St. Louis County), Kohn Park (City), Old Pond School Park (City), Ridge Meadows Elementary School Trailhead (City), Rockwoods Range and Reservation (State), and Town Center Plaza (City).

    Trail Corridors – Al Foster Memorial Trail (State and City), Bluff View Trail (City and County), Community Park Trail (City), Enclaves at Cherry Hills Trail (City), Green Rock Trail (State and County), Rock Hollow Trail (City and County, including Great Rivers Greenway (GRG)), Hamilton-Carr Greenway (City and GRG), Wildwood Greenway Corridor (City – located along State Route 100 and State Route 109), and Woodcliff Heights Trail (City).

  3. 5. How important is it for the city to develop the amenities of an all-inclusive environment in all of our playgrounds, such as the one in Community Park?*

  4. 6. The City of Wildwood has always capitalized on partnering with other providers of parks and recreational opportunities in meeting residents’ needs. The Summer Swimming Pool Pass Program with the Cities of Ballwin and Ellisville is an example. Should the City of Wildwood:*

  5. 9. Many communities adjoining the City of Wildwood have been successful in having their residents support a sales tax increase to support park and trail development, along with maintenance. Would you support a park sales tax, if presented to the voters of Wildwood within the next ten (10) years?*

  6. 10. This sales tax for park, trail, and recreational purposes can range from one-eighth of a percent to one-half of a (1) percent, with the potential to raise up to $750,000.00 per year for these purposes. Assuming you support a park sales tax, what level do you believe is appropriate:*

  7. 11. Of the City of Wildwood’s eight (8) wards some do not have a park facility located within them. How important is it to you that every ward have a park?*

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