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Booth Registration Form - Celebrate Wildwood 2017

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    By checking this box, I agree that I have read all of the rules and regulations of Founders’ Day as outlined in this Application and Vendor Information Form. By checking this box I indicate that I, my relatives and heirs hereby release and forever hold harmless the sponsors and promoters of this event, including the City of Wildwood and the Founders’ Day Committee and all officers, employees, agents and volunteers of this organization, as well as subcontractors associated with this event from any claims, liability and causes of action resulting from any personal injury, property damage or loss arising out of my (and/or my family’s and or employee’s) participation in this event, whether or not caused by negligence or fault of any of the released parties. I agree to give permission to the City of Wildwood and the Founders’ Day Committee to take photographs/video of me, my family and/or employees, if applicable, at this event and to use these images for future promotions and/or in the organizations’ publications and web media.

    I also agree to abide by all rules and regulations found in the Booth Information sheet for vendors.

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