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Community Park

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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Benches
  3. Dog Park ($50.00 Add-on)
  4. Drinking Fountain
  5. Parking
  6. Pavilion
  7. Picnic Tables
  8. Playground
  9. Restrooms
  10. Trails
  11. Trash Cans
  12. Water

The Phase 1 entrance is located off of westbound State Route 100, west of State Route 109. Phase 2 will connect to State Route 109 at Pond-Grover Loop Road (tentatively planned for 2016).

Trail access is also provided through Windsor Crest Subdivision, west of the new State Route 109 pedestrian bridge.

Pavilion Rental
The beautiful new pavilion at the Community Park is now available for rental!  Please go to: for more information and to reserve any of our three pavilions!  Thank you for your interest in the new facilities.  They are sure to provide an excellent location for events for many years to come.

Dog Park Membership

To apply to be a Dog Park Member, go to:

Items you will need to become a member:

  • Application and Waiver Form (to be filled out online at the link above)
  • current vaccination records for each dog for: Rabies, Bordetella, Canine Hepatitis, Distemper, and Parvovirus
  • the dog(s) must be spayed/neutered
  • a recent utility bill (proof of Wildwood residency)
  • a driver's license, or other photo ID
  • a method of payment - Dog Park Membership costs $50.00 for the calendar year, for up to 3 dogs


  1. Community Park Pavilion

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  2. Dog Park at Community Park

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