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Posted on: March 28, 2018



On April 4, 2016, after over a year of review and public input, a 10-Year Update to the City’s Master Plan was adopted, which added Economic Development as one of its six Principal Elements.

The Economic Development Element of the Master Plan identifies 4 specific goals:

1. Promotion of the Town Center as the City’s core commercial and business area for development.

2. Retention of current businesses and the development of new enterprises.

3. Allocate funding for capital improvement projects in Town Center Area, focusing on expansions or upgrades to the current street and utility networks, along with open space, park, and trail development there as well. 

 4. Develop strategies for the City, so tourists, recreational enthusiasts, and residents of the St. Louis Area will recognize it as a regional destination point. 

Since the adoption of the updated Master Plan, the City has dedicated resources to meeting each of these Goals and is well on its way to establishing a vibrant Town Center, full of shopping, dining, public spaces and special events for residents to enjoy.

However, while the City starts to see success in these efforts, a small group of dissenters is now attempting to tell a different story – one of misinformation and deception.  Most inaccurate of these claims is that the City is paying developers to come here – that’s simply not the case.

The City Did Not Pay $1,500,000 to Any Developer

As noted in an earlier report from the City, it did not pay $1,500,000 to the developer of Main Street Crossing for street improvements.  Here’s a link to that report: Wildwood Did Not Pay $1.5M to a Developer – The Facts.

The City has No Plans to Pay $1,100,000 to Any Developer

Nor does the City plan to pay $1,100,000 to the developer of the proposed Ackerley Place development.

The City Never Agreed or Planned to Pay $4,000,000 for a Cycling Facility

For nearly a year, it has been falsely claimed that the City was planning to pay $4,000,000 for the development of a cycling facility.  In fact, a non-profit group had considered relocating a small cycling facility (a 250m oval velodrome track) to Wildwood, but never made a formal submittal to the City and had intended to obtain the funding through private sponsors.

As this small group continues to distort the facts to our residents, we encourage all our residents to first obtain the facts by visiting our website or on our Facebook Page

Wildwood will continue to support its current and future residents and businesses who share our sense of community, and we will do it in a way that is fully transparent and only in the best interests of all those residents and businesses that choose to make our wonderful City their home.

Please contact Wildwood City Hall, at (636) 458-0440, with any questions.


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