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Posted on: November 27, 2017

Wildwood City Council Requests More Input on Hidden Valley Zipline



November 27, 2017


Ryan Thomas

City Administrator


Wildwood City Council Requests More Input on Hidden Valley Zipline 

WILDWOOD, MO – November 27, 2017 – The Wildwood City Council has just voted unanimously, 15-0 in favor of a motion to refer Hidden Valley’s petition to build 4 zipline tracks to its Planning and Parks Committee for further consideration.  The Planning and Parks Committee, a standing committee made up of eight members of the Wildwood City Council, will discuss and evaluate the petition agreed to unanimously during the November 20th Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.  That recommendation was a compromise put forth by the Planning and Zoning Commission that allows all four ziplines be built, moving one of them 75 feet further away from nearby residents, along with guidelines for hours and months of operation.  The Planning and Parks Committee is now charged with evaluating the matter and the various modifications to the original petition.  A report is expected in the next couple of weeks.   

Tonight’s vote follows two contradicting actions taken by Hidden Valley since the November 20th meeting.  On November 24th, Hidden Valley’s parent, Peak Resorts, sent a letter from Jason Boyd, Senior Vice President of Operations, withdrawing their request for permission to build the zipline tracks.  Earlier today, Boyd sent a letter wishing to rescind his earlier letter of withdrawal. 

“Tonight’s vote is a great example of our city’s commitment to the interests of both our residents and businesses,” said Mayor Jim Bowlin.  “I’m glad we had another hearing on the Hidden Valley Zipline request and I’m looking forward to the upcoming report from the Planning and Parks committee. No one can say we’re not giving this every chance to succeed in harmony with our residents’ interests.”

ABOUT WILDWOOD –Wildwood is one of the largest cities in St. Louis County and Missouri, in both population and land mass.  It is the third largest municipality in Missouri geographically, and is known as a premier destination in St. Louis County for planned land-use development.  


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