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Posted on: February 7, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Wildwood Wants Better Testing Before Superfund Delisting


Contact:               Ryan Thomas

                               Wildwood City Administrator






Announces EPA’s Agreement to Support Application for Test Funds


February 7, 2017, WILDWOOD, MO – With the likelihood of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to delist the Callahan subsite of the Ellisville Superfund Site, the city of Wildwood has been working with the EPA to ensure further testing takes place.  Today, the City announced it has reached an understanding with EPA officials for their support of the City’s request to conduct further testing. 

“We are adamant that the Callahan site should not be delisted based on incomplete data, and if that occurs, the EPA has said it will support moving the site to their Brownfields Program that has funds to do what we’ve asked,” said Wildwood Mayor Jim Bowlin.  Wildwood has insisted the EPA’s evidence supporting the delisting decision leaves gaps – principally, the EPA’s use of “composite” data from both good and bad areas on the site. 

The City developed a Callahan White Paper that says geophysical surveying of the property is the way forward.  “We need to bring this to a close.  Geophysical surveying is the best way to do that because it is similar to an ‘MRI of the earth’ and our experts insist it will resolve our concerns with this site,” Bowlin said. 

Wildwood will look to the Brownfields Program for funding the desired testing if delisting occurs, based on other sites within the Program that have utilized the geophysical approach.  “We know the Brownfields Program has been used for geophysical surveying to remove doubt in other cases, and they should do it here and now. Protecting our residents is our main priority,” said Katie Dodwell, Council Member.  The Callahan site is located in Dodwell’s Ward, and she participated in the negotiations.  Wildwood has spent over $600,000 on Ellisville Superfund Site issues and will request the scheduling of geophysical surveying at the earliest possible date.

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