P.Z. 2-17 Craig Sherman

Listed below is information regarding this specific land use request:

Request Details

Project Name P.Z. 2-17 Craig Sherman
Applicant/Petitioner Craig Sherman
c/o Missouri Sun Solar, Ryan Roller
Project Type Residential 
Proposed Use Solar panels, which will be visible from the street
Location  North side of Forest Pine Drive, east of Autumn Pines Drive
Address(es) 16481 Forest Pine Drive, 63011
Locator Number(s)  23V621166
Link to Map Interactive Map of Subject Site
Status Approved; Building permit issued for installation of solar panels. 
Meeting History 
 1-17-2017 Planning & Zoning Commission  Public Hearing  Approved Minutes 
 2-6-2017 Planning & Zoning Commission  Letter of Recommendation  Approved Minutes 
2-13-2017  City Council Receive & File  Approved Minutes 
 2-28-2017 City Council did not exercise their power of review, so the request was approved fifteen (15) days after the Receive and File

Proposed Plans Pages 24-37 of Recommendation Report
Adopted Ordinance/Permit Approved Recommendation
Approved Plans  Pages 24-37 of Recommendation Report
Ward  Five (5) 
Council Members  David Bertolino
Debra Smith-McCutchen
City Contact  Travis Newberry  636-458-0440 x124
Date Last Updated  April 26, 2017