Current Requests

The following requests will be heard at the upcoming meeting of the Board of Adjustment. Links to a location map can be found below each request:

Meeting Date & Time
Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Wildwood City Hall
Council Chambers
16860 Main Street
Wildwood, MO 63040


The agenda is not yet complete, so additional cases may be added. All cases will be posted several weeks in advance, once the agenda is finalized.

B.A. 22-16 Colonial Bank, 12230 Manchester Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63131, c/o Dale Sign Service, Inc., Dennis Caldwell, 13652 Manchester Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63131 – requests an exception to the Business Signs – Attached to Wall and the Sign Regulations (Particular) for the purpose of installing a second sign attached to the drive-through canopy and facing a roadway on a commercial property located at 16415 Village Plaza View Drive (Locator Number 23U140657, The Village Plaza Subdivision, Part of Lot 1), which would thereby authorize a second wall sign facing the same roadway on a single business, in lieu of the required one (1) business sign attached to wall facing a roadway standard. Additionally, the petitioner is requesting this additional sign be illuminated by halo lighting in lieu of the required externally illuminated sources. This request is contrary to the requirements of Chapter 415.420 Sign Regulations for All “C” and “M” Districts of the City of Wildwood Zoning Ordinance and C-8 Planned Commercial District Ordinance #1404, which was approved by the City of Wildwood in 2007, and governs this property. (Ward Four)

Location Map for B.A. 22-16 Colonial Bank

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