Rural Internet Access Committee

Are you accessing this webpage from your home via dial-up, satellite, or cell card? Are you unserved or underserved by broadband in your area of Wildwood? Service is heading your way. 6 pole locations have been installed to date, spreading wireless broadband signal to these areas, and more pole locations are being rolled out soon.

If you or someone you know are in these areas of Wildwood, please contact the applicable service provider to see if you can be served now, and if not, so you can be notified when service is available to you.

If you are located in the northern portion of Wildwood please contact:

If you are located in the southern portion of Wildwood please contact:

If you can't currently be covered please understand that service will continue to expand. Please continue to contact the service providers and spread the word to neighboring home owners around you to do the same. This will help the service providers zero in on major problem areas.

We appreciate your patience and assistance as this exciting project continues.

The City Needs Your Help
If you reside in a rural area of Wildwood and lack access to high-speed internet or your current service is slow and/or expensive, please complete and submit an online form at This information will be used by the two (2) wireless providers of high-speed internet to plot new locations of internet poles and repeater sites for this upcoming year.  

The City Council of Wildwood has made a major commitment to bring high-speed internet to the rural areas of Wildwood and the two (2) providers – Bays ET and WisperISP - and City staff are working on new installations all the time. Your input will allow the providers and the City to better understand where those locations of greatest need are situated and focused there.

Please feel free to forward this form link ( to neighbors or friends that are affected by this issue as well. A good response will truly help in identifying locations of greatest need.

Thank you for your input.

Click Here to Submit Your Location

Committee Members

This citizen committee consists of three resident volunteers from the areas most impacted by the current status of internet service, as well as three City Council liaisons. Staff liaison is Joe Vujnich. Current committee members are:

  • Richard Kallaus, Chair
  • Debra Trunko
  • [vacancy]
  • [vacancy]
  • Cheryl Jordan - Ward Six, Council Liaison
  • Larry McGowen - Ward One, Council Liaison
About the Committee
Over the years, the city has tried to provide opportunities for improved internet service in its rural areas by engaging both traditional and non-traditional methods. However, these efforts have not resolved the problem of internet access in the rural areas and, in some regards, raised expectations for residents affected with poor service. To assist in this matter, the City Council formed a Rural Internet Access Committee.

The primary purpose of this Committee is to achieve the following:
  • Identify the range of possible options available for service to the rural areas of the City of Wildwood. This list will include all currently available and planned options, from traditional and non-traditional types of resources.
  • Study the options to determine the applicability in Wildwood, the practicality of its development, the key players in achieving its implementation, and other considerations causing these options to be considered favorably or not.
  • Further review the refined list of options and select one or two for consideration and ultimate implementation. With the selection of a service type(s) for the rural areas of the city, the committee would then create strategies and timelines for implementation.
  • Present the list of strategies and timelines to the City Council for acceptance and use in addressing this defined service need.
Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available at least 24 hours prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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