Wildwood Greenway

Using the pedestrian trail bridge as a recognizable starting point, the trail system travels east and west along the south side of State Route 100 for approximately 2.3 miles from Manchester Road to the end of this trail system on Pond Road.  

On the north side of State Route 100, the trail travels east and west approximately 1.5 miles between Westglen Farms and State Route 109.  The trails then turns north and travels along State Route 109 for approximately two (2) miles to Garden Valley Court, which provides trail access to Garden Valley Farms, Oak Ridge Trails, and Westhampton Woods Subdivisions.  

To the south, from the pedestrian bridge, trail users can travel west on the sidewalk along Manchester Road for .2 miles to Old Fairway Drive and find access to 1.3 miles of asphalt trail.  

There are several short sections of trail that are currently in use, but not yet making significant connections.  They are, however, part of future trail system plans.   These general locations are as follows:  
  • a .4 mile stretch near the intersection of Clayton and Strecker Roads, traveling north on Strecker to Woodcliff Heights Subdivision
  • a .35 mile section in the area of State Route 109 and State Route 100 in the Windsor Crest Subdivision
  • a .2 mile section between Wildwood Forest Drive and Country Trails Lane
Currently, the Wildwood Greenway Trail System has twelve (12) miles of constructed asphalt trail.  

It is an eight-foot wide asphalt trail and is available for use by pedestrians and bicyclists.

Parking is available at many public parking areas such as the Wildwood Town Center, Babler Elementary School and Lafayette High School (not during school hours).

Trash cans and Pet stations are available at various locations along the trails, especially near the Wildwood Town Center.

Nearby Facilities

Wildwood Town Center

Future Community Park

Old Pond School Park

Babler State Park

Rockwood Reservation

Connection Opportunities
Using the Wildwood Greenway Cooridor and appropriate connector roads, you can access  Babler State Park, Rockwood Reservation and the Future Community Park.  Additionally, by utilizing the Hamilton Carr Trail, you can access Glencoe City Park and the Al Foster Memorial Trail and Trailhead.

Future Plans
The Wildwood Access and Mobility Plan outlines numerous future trail connections and pathways.  Additionally, the City of Wildwood, in conjunction with Great Rivers Greenway, has been researching the possibility of a greenway cooridor connecting the Missouri River Valley to the Meremac River Valley (basically connecting the Monarch Chesterfield Levee Trail to the Hamilton Carr Trail).  This vision has the potential of providing trail connections to all major parks in the City of Wildwood, twenty (20) miles of trail in the Chesterfield Valley, and access to the Katy Trail. Also, included in the Great Streets Planning Process, are trail connections with the City of Ellisville.  

View Wildwood Greenway mileage.